English Mastiff-The Heaviest Dog in the World

English Mastiff Dog

Known for its large appearance, the English Mastiff is currently the number one dog in height and weight today. Here’s some information about the appearance, personality, and price of English Mastiff to help you decide whether to buy.

Origin of English Mastiff

There are many different theories about the English Mastiff pedigree, two of which are the most widely supported. For one thing, they are descendants of the Morosser species, which have long been extinct in Europe.

The Molossians were previously depicted with a large donkey and a mighty lion roar. They are trained and deployed in the army and are real racers.

Another theory states that the origin of today’s English Mastiff lies in the also extinct Alaunt dog group. They first appeared in Central Asia and then were brought back to England for widespread use. Previously, this variety was widespread in the military and then continued to be bred exclusively at Lime Hall in Cheshire, England, and gradually gained popularity.

English Mastiff Excellent Assets

Mastiff breeds have some advantages and uniqueness over other dogs. This dog is also one of the oldest breeds in the world. Here are two distinctive features of the English Mastiff variety that you should know, without extra hassle

Appearance Characteristics

Appearance The easily recognizable English Mastiff is considered the heaviest “giant” of all dogs. Therefore, the most striking feature of Ngao Anh is her tall physique.

The standard height of this breed can reach 76 cm for males and 69 cm for females. According to their height, men weigh 72 kg and women weigh 68 kg, which is of course “large”. The

English Mastiff looks strong, has strong muscles, and is judged by experts to have balanced proportions with four long, straight legs. In addition to the large, square but equally harmonious head, the face has many wrinkles and clear lines between the eyes.

The nose of this mastiff is very short and wide, and the standard size of the nose is half the skull. Their eyes are very sharp and distant, with dark circles around their eyes and V-shaped ears proportional to the size of their head, which are balanced when viewed.

Personality Traits

English Mastiffs today are not as aggressive as their ancestors, and in fact their personality is very mild. Dogs are often bred and silently undertake their mission to protect and protect their territory.

Due to this personality, the British Mastiff does not need to be trained in security skills, but can still take responsibility and handle the situation intelligently. Instead of attacking the intruder completely, they hunted down the object and lay on it to avoid serious injury.

English Mastiff is known for his intellect, patience and gentle personality. In particular, they are very obedient and obedient to their owners. In Western countries, mastiffs are kept indoors to keep children and their families safe. And now they are doing this job so well that they are becoming more and more trusted and chosen for breeding.

The Largest Dog in The World

Various perspectives can be taken into account when determining the best predicates in the world. In fact, the Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound are bigger than the English Mastiff. But when it comes to weight, Mastiff is the winner. You can touch a figure of 100 to 120 kg at a height of 1 to 2 meters.

In 1989, it was recorded that there was the largest species of English Mastiff called Zobra. Zobra, who was eight years old at the time, was already jumbo, 90 cm tall, 2.5 meters long, and weighed 155 kg.

Reasons Why You Should Have an English Mastiff Dog

Many dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers appreciate English Mastiff’s assets not only because of the calmness and reliability that this breed brings to the family, but also because it is completely safe with infants when trained.


In addition, British varieties are very intelligent and easy to train. If you need a strong and well protected dog, they are a good choice. The

English Mastiff is a dog that always knows where its territory is and manages it with great care, even when sleeping. You can sacrifice yourself to protect all your family. So having an English Mastiff in your family gives you peace of mind. If you are serious about adopting and nurturing the English Mastiff, you also need to know how to properly care for the English Mastiff.

Also, for many who give birth to babies, Anne Gao brings a very special feeling. They look good and are very sad. Therefore, it is ideal for caring owners who like big and “cool” dogs.