6 Facts About English Mastiff Dog

As the tallest dog in the world, this English Mastiff is almost the size of a pony. Unlike some other big and thick coat dogs, this Great Dane has a very short coat. Due to the large bone structure, this dog looks very large. Are you curious what some interesting facts about this big dog are? Here we will share with you some facts about Great Dane that many people, especially dog ​​lovers, may not be aware of.

Derived From Ancient Dog Breeds

English Mastiff Old Generation

English Mastiff is a descendant of the ancient Alaunt and Morosser varieties. This conclusion is drawn from the reliefs stored in The British Museum. There is a dog very similar to the mastiff, known since 2500 BC. In the mountainous regions of Asia. For this reason, this dog has a bone structure large enough to make it larger than other breeds.

Gentle And Faithful Guard Dog

English Mastiff is a gentle guard dog. Mastiff has a large and strong bone structure, so the duty as a guardian is very suitable. English Mastiff was a sweet and adorable puppy like a doll when he was a kid. But if you are an adult, the cuteness of this dog is inferior.

Almost Extinct, but Finally Popular Again

In ancient Roman times, the mastiff was used as an animal to fight other animals. They are executed and used for greater rewards. Later, World War II dogs were also ignored due to limited food availability. The Mastiff population was declining and endangered, but thankfully, thanks to the proper breeding of the rest of the population, that did not happen.

Known As the Largest Dog in The World

Various perspectives can be taken into account when determining the best predicates in the world. In fact, the Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound are bigger than the English Mastiff. But when it comes to weight, Mastiff is the winner. You can touch a figure of 100 to 120 kg at a height of 1 to 2 meters.

 In 1989, it was recorded that there was the largest species of English Mastiff called Zobra. Zobra, who was eight years old at the time, was already jumbo, 90 cm tall, 2.5 meters long, and weighed 155 kg.

Adolescence and Maturity Are Very Slow

Adolescence English Mastiff

English Mastiff has longer puberty than any other breed. His physique may continue to grow each year, but Mastiff’s physical and mental maturity did not come until he was three years old. Mastiff is an active dog and loves to play outdoors.

Requires Special Training

If the size is very large, the owner must have full control over the mastiff for it to work properly. English Mastiff has a fairly sensitive mind and requires a little practice to deal with people. Mastiffs can be very stubborn when they are scared or hurt.

This is a very interesting fact about the English Mastiff, which has the largest dog in the world. Hope it can help someone with your insights!

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