The Best Way to Take Care of an English Mastiff Dog

English Mastiff is the world’s largest title dog and pony size. Unlike other large dogs, which have a huge body due to their thick coat, the English Mastiff has short hair. Despite being one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world, English Mastiff is prone to the same illnesses as common dogs. So, here are some of the best ways to care for your English Mastiff dog. Check out the reviews below.

English Mastiff

Taking care of English Mastiff

Young Great Dane tend to sleep well and are easily surprised. Therefore, please be kind and do not scold or raise your voice.

I’m so scared when I’m alone at home, so it’s best to get used to this problem early on if you often go out and can’t take it with you.


English Mastiffs are not particular about their diet and can eat most foods, but it is best to give them digestible foods. Also, feeding the right amount of food depends on the developmental stage of the dog. The

English Mastiff, which is large in size, requires a large source of energy and eats a lot. For puppies less than 2 months old, it is recommended to give small doses 3 times a day. This part is about 3-4 cups of food. For adult dogs, it is best to divide the amount into 2 solid foods and 11 feeding cups. Be aware of increased food intake, especially for dogs with a lot of movement.

Adds protein, vitamins, calcium, minerals and other essential nutrients. Give them various meats and add vegetables to balance their diet.

The Ideal Living Environment for English Mastiff

English Mastiff comes from the western part of the warm climate, so adapting to Vietnam’s hot and humid climate is not easy. Therefore, if you have an English Mastiff in the summer, do not remove the English Mastiff as it is very susceptible to heat stroke and can be fatal.

However, you cannot keep a dog all day long, so take a regular walk in the morning and evening when the outside temperature tends to rise.

Take a leisurely walk and don’t exercise too much or run too much. If the English Mastiff is overweight, it puts a lot of pressure on the bones of the legs and is prone to bone and joint disease, so frequent strenuous movements should be restricted.

General English Mastiff Complaints

English Mastiffs have the largest physique and physique of any dog, so it’s no wonder they are particularly vulnerable to bone disease. Diseases that can easily affect dogs: It causes swelling of the legs such as the waist and elbows.

In addition, English Mastiff is very susceptible to heart and digestive disorders such as stomach twists, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Dogs of this breed are very lazy and like to lie down. More often to help them stay healthy and have a slimmer body.

Apart from that, English Mastiff is susceptible to diseases such as lower eyelids and retinal atrophy. To prevent and treat a dog, you need to pay particular attention to the cleanliness of his body, not just the face area. Skin under the folds and in the mouth to prevent infection.

Don’t Leave the Dog Outside for too Long

Generally, this English Mastiff dog does not have a thick coat. This is very much for dogs because the body of this breed is made up of the skin directly and can be infected with helminths that can afflict or damage the cells and tissues of the skin. It means that it is vulnerable.

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