We are Island West mastiffs . We can be seen at the dogs shows competing in Draft dog tests , obedience and conformation.
We are members in the Canadian Kennel Club , and our local Kennel club “Nanaimo Kennel club” We have done fostering and rescue for the local SPCA. We are well respected members of the local canine community. All our mastiffs sleep in the house, they are all pets first. Each of our mastiffs has a special personality and we love them all. You can also find another mastiff breeds in a cold place.

We live in Ladysmith BC in Canada .
Have sent pups to wonderful loving home from Alaska to Florida.

We share our home with 8 mastiffs,  a Norwegian Lundehund and a Lab.

We have 2 girls , one grown up and married and one child at home still. Both my husband my daughter and I, all enjoy activities with the dogs .